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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  February 13, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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ice baby, no school today noets. >> ♪ >> i appreciate the effort. on the record with greta is next. i appreciate the effort. on the record with greta is next. a fox nows alert. the nation is getting pounded and it just won't stop. another burst of snow and i'll barreling up the east coast. and in the southeast, the storm knocking out power to hundreds of thousands and more than 6,000 flights canceled nationwide. on the record is on the ground in the hardest hit areas and we begin in north carolina where the storm left drivers stranded all over the roads. lindsay. >> reporter: yeah, the major concern tonight is all of this slush freezing over. and i can tell you it's already getting slick and there is a lot of if. today we saw round two. we're looking at about 8 inches
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total. this fire hydrant is a pretty good picture of just how much snow we're talking about. yesterday afternoon, when it all started coming down, probably around noon, our 911 center had 283 calls reporting departmentss ju accidents just in five hours. that breaks down to nearly 50 ske accidents an hour. any which way you go, you'll see a lot of stranded cars. city crews had their plows out. they have hit probably about 70% of the major roads. hopefully i just heard from the city official they're hoping to get some neighborhood roads later on tonight. now, as for the neighborhood roads, hopefully later on tonight. tomorrow will be day three. kids will be out of school. they're loving it. as for theed a actu adults, one started shoveling his driveway. i asked him are you sick of this. he wasn't even halfway done.
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he said come back in 30 minutes. he's like i will be sick of it, i guarantee it. >> is it cold? you say you're standing in slush and slush, you can navigate in, but once it freezes, if it gets below freezesifreezing, it's a different story. >> reporter: yes, it's starting to get cold. the temperature is grop idroppi. i told our photographer clear out a spot because it's starting to get slick. we're definitely starting to this slush freeze over. >> and the governor of north carolina will go on the record shortly. but now to pennsylvania where the snow piled up quickly. bruce gordon is live in delaware county. >> reporter: it's been a nasty day here. we have a light freezing rain falling right now. we're in the western suburbs of philadelphia where the snow began falling around midnight last night.
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by mid-morning, turned into freezing rain and then a bit of a lull. but tonight will be another nasty one before we're looking at freezing temperatures later in the evening, probably another 2 to 3 inches tacked on to what is already been a storm of anywhere from 6 to 15 and 16 inches depending on where you are in the philadelphia region. so more snow due tomorrow morning. this is already a record breaker for us. it's the fourth snowfall of at least 6 inches this season. and that's never before happened in the philadelphia area. we're at 53 inches and counting so far this winter. and it's been a particularly cold winter at that. so really nasty. >> bruce, thank you. and in georgia, conditions are wicked. and very dangerous. hundreds of thousands of people are still without power. david. >> reporter: greta, it's been an amazing storm that has cut through the state of georgia. in fact governor flew over the
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city of augusta and just headed back late this afternoon and looked at the devastation. as many as 700,000 people have lost power at some point during this storm. crews have been working furiously day and night to get the power restored. but now we think it's somewhere around 300,000 or so in the state of georgia still without power. but having said that, it's almost like there is a big sigh of relief right now. everybody feels like things went pretty well for the state this time. there was pre-warn, ing, we kne the storm was coming, governor's office, national guard everyone criticized a couple weeks ago for not responding quick enough were ahead of the game, they were pre-treating the roads, constantly moving the trucks become and forth and there was a feeling that it could have been a lot worse. we kept people off the roads this time and we kept the accidents down and some of the damage that you have when you have all the gridlock. >> thank you very much.
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and now to new york which is not as lucky as atlanta. new york still getting a beating. snow, sleet, freezing rain. liz is live on long island. liz. >> reporter: greta, good evening to you. no one really expected these massive snowfall totals here on long island. snow actually fell at about 2 to 3 inches an hour in some parts during the day. the nasty mix of rain, sleet and snow all falling at the same time made conditions very dangerous. and a tragic story coming out of brooklyn this evening. a pregnant woman loading groceries in to her car was killed after being struck by a tractor clearing snow in a parking lot. but her baby was delivered by c-section. the nearly full term baby boy weighed in just over six pounds and at last check he was in critical condition at a brooklyn hospital. we've had a number of accidents
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on the roadways here in nassau county. police responded to about 70 crashes. governor cuomo did declare a state of emergency here on long island and back out live in mineo mineola, the time is ticking away. we have seen rolots of plows trying to clear the snow as we prep for more to come in just the next few hours. we've been seeing lots of payloaders hoping for make room for a couple more inches here. back to you. >> and in south carolina, heavy snow and ice destroying a dog rescue shelter. they're seeking help to take care of dozens of dogs. the owner joins us. nice to see you, janet. >> hi, nice to see you. >> all right. i understand you have a lot of dogs there. so how many dogs and what is the condition? >> we have about 110 dogs, a
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little bit below capacity. [ unintelligible ] >> from looking at the pictures, i can see the roof has caved in. i do know that you're getting a lot of help from other people. and we've put up on a link which is a link to your website if people want to help with the dog shelter there and learn more about it because i realize the audio is bad. but you can see the dog shelter destroyed. but people are working helping like with the human, lots of help the dogs, as spell go to get if you want to hear more. right now, brace yourself. round two. yes, a second round of snow is racing up the coast.
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rick is in the weather center. >> i just want to recap the last 48 hours. it is a long duration storm. take a look, 48 hours ago across parts of texas, the worst as far as the icing was atlanta down towards macon and towards augusta. now the storm across the northeast and we still have about another 12 hours before we done with this. and right now already this storm put philadelphia at its fifth snowiest winter ever. and we only have a couple more inches to get into the third place. we'll probably get there either tonight if not tonight by saturday when we'll see a new storm bring two to three inches of snow again. tonight below freezing, but not horribly. we'll see some refreezing of the slush on the ground. but it won't be a complete hard freeze across all the roads. so some good news tomorrow morning. but take a look, tonight the snow returns. freezing rain back towards new york and we'll see the snow throughout new york.
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everybody will get another two to three hours of a quick blast of snow that will total probably 2 to 3 inches by the time this is done. but temperatures right now above freezing allowing some of the melting and the slush to tip. continue. d.c., the snow is there. by the morning hour, it is in far northern new england.d.c., . by the morning hour, it is in far northern new england. another 2 inches around new york, another 3 to 4 around philadelphia. >> and of course we're staying on top of the deadly winter storm. we'll bring you live updates throughout the hour. now as new york city's new democratic mayor bill de blasio gone stupid? real few pid? it's one thing to fight with republicans, but another thing to fight with the weatherman. al roker. roker blasting mayor de blasio for keeping new york city schools open today despite a brutal storm dumping nearly a
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foot in the big apple. roker tweeting i knew they would close schools. talk about a bad prediction. long range de blasio forecast, one term. and new york city mayor's office says snow was faster, heavier than expected. no, mr. mayor, it came as predicted. don't blame weather for your poor policy. on which. mayor de blasio hitting roker right back during a news conference. >> i respect al roker a lot. watched him for many years. it's a different thing to run the city than to give the weather on tv. >> roker responding with a scathing tweet posting mr. mayor, i could never run new york city, but i know when it's time to keep kids home from school 37 and t school. and here is the new york city school chancellor's take on the breath. >> totally stopped snowing. it is absolutely a beautiful day out there right now.
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>> beautiful day? she may not be in favor of a snow day, but maybe she should take a medical day and get her eyes checked. snow is bad. but it looks like new york city's leadership, wilell, that a real mess. if you have an important story or issue you think i should take off the record, go to and tell us about it. right you now, new evidence that president obama may have known much more before about the impending doomg of obama much more before about the impending doomg of kathleen sebelius has said the president was not aware of the problems before the disastrous launch. but documents obtained by the hill casting doubt on that. jonathan johns us. how did you you get the documents? >> a foia request. we sent it in and they finally came back. 750 pages of documents before we saw where she was throughout the
4:12 pm
day between october 2012 to october 2013. >> i asked you how you got it. i take it that they weren't too willing to given you the documents, you had to go through the legal process to get them. >> that's right. public record, but you have to request them. >> so what did you learn from the 750 pages? how many times was the secretary at the white house or talking to the president? >> what we found was that she had some sort of contact with president obama 18 times. now, that could be an event that they were both at, phone call, personal meeting. but 18 times, 18 opportunities where she might have had a chance to tell him about the problems with the website. 7 of those meetings were directly related to the affordable care act. >> what other big project was on her plate or his plate? i don't know what their conversations were, but reasonable to expect since she was assigned to implement it and that's his big signature that maybe it came up in those conversations. >> you'd think so.
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the bottom line, it was a huge implementation. there were a lot of other activities, coordinating with agency, met with a lot of republican governors, 20 that we counted about the medicaid expansi expansion, meetings with the media, enrollmentk packed sched. but 18 in particular where she was in contact with the president. >> you asked hhs for a response and they said that the secretary is frequently at the white house for a meeting on a wide range of topics including the affordable care act. but it says wide range of topics. but they didn't supply you with any of them at least not in this. did they give you any other topics? >> no, nothing specific. and a lot of these documents are redacted. she had quite a few breakfasts at the white house where we don't know who she met with or what was discussed. so a lot of uncertainty. >> and secretary sebelius claimed the president was in the
4:14 pm
dark? >> that's right. and he said the same thing. >> so i don't know what they were talking about during those 18 meetings. but whatever. anyway, jonathan, thank you. great article. and dr. carson says president obama and secretary a sebelius did not discuss it, they are grossly incompetent tent. good evening, sir. >> good evening. . >> so they find out 18 times they were together over the course of a year and yet secretary a besebelius claims president obama was in the dark about the problem. >> of course they say there were many things considered and therefore they had to discuss all of those things. so maybe they didn't get around to that one. like a neurosurgeon saying into do a case and saying there are so many complexities that we just forgot about that, so that's why the patient dead. that is just not an acceptable
4:15 pm
excuse. and i would rather believe 25 they're being dishonest than that they would be that incompetent tent.5 they're being dishonest than that they would be that incompetent tent. they're being dishonest than that they would be that incompetent tent.they're being that they would be that incompetent tent. >> i don't know which is once. in a statement to jonathan, it says she's frequently at the white house on a wide range of topics, but they didn't give you a sample. yes didn we didn't have a shau small pox breakout. what else could be on their plate? >> thankfully we have the treatment of information act or none of this radio wiwould have the light of day. apparently the chief of the irs was there quite frequently, also. but obviously they didn't talk about anything bad. it was only good stuff. i mean, to me, it's kind of
4:16 pm
insulting to the american people that they really expect people to believe this stuff. i don't think most people do believe it anymore quite frankly. the loyalists who will believe anything of course will fight for him and say of course it's right and of course it's all righteous. but i think anybody with any agree degree of analytical skill recognizes there is a lot of subterfuge, a lot of coverup. and we've already seen so many things that call into question the honesty of what is going on in this administration. >> doctor, nice to see you. thank you, sir. >> thank you, greta. straight ahead, afghan president karzai giving the u.s. a proverbial middle finger. releasing dangerous prisons who have killed americans. a former fighter pilot is here to talk about that next. and of course we're tracking the powerful storm. it is marching up the east coast. many states bracing for more
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. president karzai defying the united states. af afghanistan just releasing 65 dangerous prisoner. the u.s. warned the prisoners have killed americans and will kill again. a u.s. fighter pilot joins us. >> good to be with you. >> well, there are two problems here. one is the danger and the other is the fact that we have lost any sort of authority or any sort of influence in afghanistan. take your pick. >> we'll start where the danger. these are 65 prisoners released
4:21 pm
back out in society. you position of tg think of the treasure that was taken to apprehend these vile men. and they were willy-nilly released. it's a show of defiance, a show by karzai to try to appease the taliban. and the problem is -- and this isn't to excuse his actions, but he's wondering about the u.s. commitment to afghanistan post 2014 and he's more concerned about his own survival, so he's attempting to appease the taliban when in reality he needs to show the kind of leadership that i think american forces show every day in his country and some of the taliban -- or some of the afghanistan forces, national forces show. and it's sad to see, but i think it's important to show the u.s. commitment to afghanistan post 2014 and to keep in mind two important things. number one, there are elections
4:22 pm
in a coupkup ecouple months. karzai will be gone. and number two, the afghan people are supportive of the united states and nato presence and they're scared to death of us leaving too early. >> i think it's apparent by the fact they released them when we asked them pnot to that karzai picked the taliban, not the united states. we're pulling out at the end ever tof the year. and the taliban is moving in. we promised the women that we wouldn't abandon them.of the ye. and the taliban is moving in. we promised the women that we wouldn't abandon them.the year. and the taliban is moving in. we promised the women that we wouldn't abandon them. we're pulling out and it's clear the taliban is going back in. karzai sees which way the wind is blowing and we've lost any authority there. >> unfortunately, i feel you're right. all you have to do is look at the administration's decision in iraq. marines fought for iffallujah a
4:23 pm
the black flag flies. it's something i mourn for and i'm afraid that is the track we're going in afghanistan. karzai won't be present after april. we'll have national elections. this is a very important time in afghanistan to pull this off and to get this right. and i think the next president will sign the bilateral security agreement and we can move ahead. but karzai is not the guy anymore. he has chosen his own self preparation. i met with karzai a few months ago and he gave different indications than what he's doing publicly. and the people in afghanistan cringe when karzai makes these kind of statements because they're afraid we being that reflects their attitude and it really doesn't. we'll have a new president there in a couple months and let's hope he's a far cry better than mr. carr sokarzai. >> at this point there is no
4:24 pm
guarantee. >> that's all we have. >> always nice to see you. thank you. >> great to be here. straight ahead, a soap appractice producer, hotel magnet and lawyer. they may be good at raising money for president obama, but will they be good at representing our nation. senator john mccain standing up to the president protesting several of his nominees. john mccain goes on the record next. but first a live update on the gigantic winter storm. well will hear from north carolina's governor next. (vo) you are a business pro.
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this is a fox news alert. another blast of snow bringing more misery to states already buried in snow. more than a the foot of snow has already fallen on parts of the mid-atlantic and northeast. travel nearly impossible.he foo already fallen on parts of the mid-atlantic and northeast. travel nearly impossible.e foot already mid-atlantic and northe. travel nearly impossible. foot already fallen on parts of the mid-atlantic and northeast. travel nearly impossible.foot o already fallen on parts of the mid-atlantic and northeast. travel nearly impossible. in the south, ice leaving hundreds of you thousathousands
4:29 pm
dark and cold. kendra, tell me the situation in south carolina. >> reporter: the winter storm has moved away from us, but it has left an icy mess. we saw snow and sleet and ice on top of that. so it's made for a crunchy mixture on the ground. it's all over the ground and has baby on the roads. but today, temperatures did get above freezing. so i-85 behind me running just fine along with the primary roads here. but that will be a different story tonight. temperatures will dip to below freezing. so wherever the ice melted, it will refreeze causing black ice all over the place. we're advising drivers to stay off the roads from midnight to 10:00 a.m.. and that goes for the whole state of south carolina. we had accumulating ice. it was over half an inch in many spots. might not sound like that much, but that adds over 1,000 pounds of extra weight to power lines, that is why we're still looking at about 140,000 outages across
4:30 pm
the state. the state of emergency carolinn further notice. >> kenkendra, thanks. last time georgia, this time north carolina. the traffic at a stand still. dangerous conditions evenponemee basketball game. so should north carolina have been better prepared? the governor joins us. your state is getting slammed. >> we got hit pretty hard. the storm met and exceeded our expectations. in charlotte, another 5 inches today. greensboro, winston salem, very thick ice. raleigh/durh raleigh/durham, it hit with vengeance. fayetteville got hit early, and
4:31 pm
then on the coast, all the way to nags head, this was quite a storm. but i'm pleased to report that we have no one stranded in their cars overnight. we did a great rescue and our roads are looking pretty good except for a few jackknifed trucks toward the mountains. but we've lost three people due to the storm and we don't want anymore fatalities as we recover. >> are you getting help from any other states? are they sending you plows? is there any sort of national effort for help? some states aren't particularly ready for the horrible snow because you don't always get them. >> well, actually, about every southeastern state where we would have typically got help has been hit. it is the utilities also north and south carolina, the main concern we have is power outages. especially out west and in the mon mountain its. we have over 100,000 people without power so that is our major concern in addition for the black ice.
4:32 pm
i did not want anyone spending the night in their car and so far nobody has. >> 100,000 losing power, you could use help cooperate yuldn'? >> utilities are all cooperating. south carolina and georgia and virginia and tennessee are having the exact same issues. so the neighboring states is where we usually share and by the time we get here, think we'll have the situation corrected in the next 24 hours as the weather finally gets to normalcy in this area. but we have survived and we're helping the people out a lot and we have our shelters open and we still have some challenges. i don't want anyone to relax as the weather gets better. that is where a lot of accidents on which occur. >> indeed. governor, thank you and good luck to you and tcitizens of yor state. >> thanks vef.
4:33 pm
>> we'll keep you updated, but right now, senator john mccain t standing up to president obama. accused of releasing private information about his own client. >> so you couldn't answer for a let'ser that mentioned people's names, address and phone numbers encouraging people to call and harass them? >> i would say, senator, that the letter was a bad idea at the time. >> you're talking about human rights here. i think these four people's human rights were abused. do you agree? >> i think that the letter was ill advised. >> right now i cannot support your nomination. >> and don't get senator mccain started on president obama's am ba ambassador nominees. >> norway has been very quick to denouncem ambassador nominees. >> norway has been very quick to
4:34 pm
denounce ambassador nominees. >> norway has been very quick to denounceambassador nominees. >> norway has been very quick to denounce then . we'll continue to work with norway to make sure -- >> the government has dwenounce them? they're part of the coalition. >> i stand corrected. >> i have no more questions for this incredibly highly qualified group of nominees. >> john mccain joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening. i tell you, it is something to see to watch these people who have been to a couple of days school by the state department and the one that -- the norwegian one, he also went on to say that the president of norway was really very important. only problem is norway doesn't have a president. they have a constitutional monarch. and the lady who does the soap opera. and that now we have a nominee for argentina that is incredibly
4:35 pm
unqualified. let me just say, greta, if i could, every president has done this and i understand that. and it's part of the game. but not only have the up in numbers increased from a guy that came to the presidency with hope an changd change, but also importance of the countries have increased. argentina, a guy totally unqualified. norway, one of our staunchest allies. we're a part of the libyan operation. hungary where things are going on which are very unsettling. these are very important countries. and we're sending people that, one, have never been there and second of all are clueless. >> is there -- i know you object to it, but is there a chance that their nominations won't go through? are other senators going to object? >> plenty of other senators are objecting and republicans are. but here is the problem. harry reid did a nuke yeclear o.
4:36 pm
so i don't have a way of blocking them going. by the way, the guy candidate for ambassador of norway, that interview or that question and answer is going viral in norway. and frankly, the norwegian people are not very happy about getting that kind of ambassador to represent the united states in their country. >> is there no chance the president will withdraw that nomination? >> there was a vote in the senate foreign relations committee which was strictly party lines. so knowing the way that the democrat majority has been behaving, they will probably jam it through. but it's kind of entertaining and amusing how ignorant these people are and never having even seen the country. but it's also really disturbing because it's a disservice to our country to send that kind of
4:37 pm
unqualified candidate to represent us and our interests there in these countries. >> senator, thank you very much, sir. by the way, i yi saw you tweet the temperature of phoenix to make us all feel bad out here. >> come on out. >> thank you, senator. coming up, you heard what president obama told bill o'reil o'reilly. there was not a smidgeon of corruption in the irs targeting scandal. guess what, there is news tonight. you'll see what it is next. also, breaking news on the record tracking the deadly winter storm. it's in the over yet.
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you heard president obama tell bill o'reilly there was not even a smidgeon of corruption in the irs targeting scandal. but the american people disagree. according to a poll, 64% say the targeting is example of corruption. 71% want congress for continue
4:42 pm
to investigate the irs. kaf 64% think targeting is example of corruption. is the president out of sync with them? >> i think the irs has never been popular. but i do wonder the idea that congress should tcontinue to investigate. there are so many committees investigating it. 150 employees who are doing nothing but turning out documents for these investigations. 500,000 pages. you have to wonder whether you're going to get anywhere with the congressional investigation or if in fact there is a lot of public appetite for this. maybe they need a special council, somebody that would take it out of the democrat versus republican food fight that you you get on capitol hill. >> 64% surprised me. i thought the 71% was a more general thing because everybody hatesirs as karen said.
4:43 pm
but i thought the corruption thing was much more damming. >> it is. although if you have seen nothing in the news but how bad the irs has been, of course you would think that. the irs targeted specific specifically. that has been a story that has been out there for a while. so you ask americans who by the way not only do they hate irs, but they hate everything about washington. approval ratings of anything associated with washington is down in the basement. >> the president said not a smidgeon and then you have the 64% number. you can reconcile the two? >> there was an interesting already know there were allegations the tea party groups were singled out while applying, but this week chairman of the ways and means committee made a
4:44 pm
new allegation that 100% of the 501-c 4s audited, not simply skrcrutinize scrutinized, that they were security leaning. you would think there would be at least one democratic group. >> and the president, is he above this whole thing? there is no indication he had any knowledge of it, but he is the leader of the party. >> so far there have people who have lost their jobs at the irs, there have been acting guy was asked not to -- he took the fifth and walked. took a retire the. >> and there has been an internal invesgation, an ig report.m the. >> and there has been an internal investigation, an ig report.e the. >> and there has been an internal investigation, an ig report.nt the. >> and there has been an internal investigation, an ig report.the. >> and there has been an internal investigation, an ig report.he. >> and there has been an internal investigation, an ig report.e. >> and there has been an internal investigation, an ig report.. >> and there has been an internal investigation, an ig report. and all the congressional investigations. but so far, we have not seen evidence that, you know, that
4:45 pm
this was somehow instigated somewhere outside the irs or even that there was knowledge of it outside the irs. >> i'd like to hear from her to see where did she get the ideas from. answer basic questions like who, what, where, when. why did you do it. you're the one in charge. >> i think, though, that this congress has recognized, and we've seen it in the last few day, the speaker wants to spend less final focusing on this, these sorts of issue, and spend a lot more team focusing on obamacare and going after the president on the economy. >> panel, thank you. sorry so short tonight. lots of weather. up next, senator rand paul is here to tell you why he is suing president obama. and we're staying on top of the winter storm batterings east coast. right now it's getting worse and roads are getting more danger. you know how painful heartburn can be.
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senator rabd paul is suing president obama. nice to see you, sir p. >> glad to be where you. >> you filed suit, you've tape him to court. what is the purpose of the suit? >> you know, the question is whether a single warrant can apply to millions of americans. we think that this is a general warrant and the fourth amendment says a warrant has to have your name on it, has to be individualized to the person and
4:50 pm
place. and we fought the revolution largely over this point that we were unhappy with british soldiers writing their own warrants. now it's your computer or your phone records, but the same principle. the warrant needs to have the warrant needs to have suspicion. the government needs to say to a judge we think you've committed a crime and we have probable cause that you committed a crime, present some evidence to the judge and judge gives a warrant. right now we have a warrant, and this was revealed by snowden, we have a warrant given to verizon for all of their phone calls. we really think that's not specific and we think it goes against the fourth amendment. we want to get all the way to the supreme court and in an open court decide whether this is constitutional. >> senator, i have the fourth amendment right in front of me and i will tell you any judge will be hard pressed to in any way invalidate the nsa search and seizure. however, the wording of the fourth amendment is quite plain
4:51 pm
that you need a warrant. that's what it says. and it particularly describes the place to be searched and the things tor sei be seized. if the obama administration doesn't like it, we either should change the constitution or get a particularized warrant to comply with it but i don't think any judge will ever have the courage to go your way. >> you know, we'll see. and the thing is, is you make a good point. i'm not against the nsa getting warrants. i'm not against the police getting warrants. if there's a murderer or rapist running around washington, d.c., by all means let's get a warrant, go in the house, capture them and get their records. same way with terrorists. but let's go ahead and name them. if we want to look at the phone calls they have been making, let's name those people. i'm not so concerned how far out and how many hops you go out as i am that it be individualized and there be suspicion. my fear is we've gone into collecting everyone's records and spending billions of dollars and millions of hours doing this
4:52 pm
that we're letting down on the traditional police work that we need. the tsarnaev boys, who were the boston bombers, have traveled to chechnya, were on websites, they were labeling themselves or their music terrorist music and they were communicating with people who were preaching forms of radical jihad and violence. so they were connected but we weren't connecting the dots even though the russians warned us about them. so i think we get distracted too much. >> i actually think you can have investigations and follow the constitution simultaneously. i don't think you have to go outside the constitution. let me ask you this. you had lunch after filing with attorney general eric holder. that must have been cozy? >> well, you know, as an individual, i like eric holder. i think he's sincere. i don't agree with him on a lot of issues, but one issue i do agree with him on is i think people should be allowed to have redemption. as a christian, i think people deserve a second chance. if you've not committed a
4:53 pm
violent felony, if you were caught with drugs, possession or sale, you've served your time, i think we should try to get you back in society and i think you should get your right to vote back. in fact i will testify in frankfurt for giving nonviolent felons their right to vote back again after they have served their time because i think it's a good time to reincorporate people back into society. >> did he say anything about the fact that you were suing the president or suing him at the lunch? did he say anything at all, like hey, thanks, for the lawsuit. >> i met him in the big panelled conference room beneath the portrait of bobby kennedy. he said i understand you've suing me and i said it's nothing personal. we did laugh a little bit about that and it will be his justice department. it's not a laughing matter, we laughed about being there for lunch together. it's a serious matter, i'm sure he'll treat it seriously from his point of view and i will too. the big thing is right now these
4:54 pm
questions are being decided in secret, before the fisa court and they're not getting the light of day and there's not a lawyer on both sides. i know judge napolitano write and talks about this is that you can't find truth unless you have an adversarial process. the defendant needs a lawyer. fisa, there is no lawyer for the guy who thinks the bill of rights preserves our privacy, so this is a big deal. it needs to get into the supreme court. if it's not my case, i hope a case gets into the light of day. >> senator, thank you for letting our viewers know. i just read the fourth amendment for the millionth time and never can get enough of it. thanks, senator. >> thanks, greta. the brutal storm that just won't quit and a live update is next. o she for 160 a month? yep. at&t's new family pricing. that's 100 bucks cheaper than us. i know. are you guys with verizon? what makes you think that?
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it's a fox news alert. the entire east coast bracing for another blast of snow and ice. jonathan hunt is out on the snowy roads of new york.
4:59 pm
jonathan? >> reporter: greta, you're looking at the streets of the upper west side of manhattan right now, as we drive around in our quick response vehicle. you can see the conditions right now aren't that bad. we're sort of in the calm before the next storm that's going to follow the storm from earlier today. at the moment the streets have been well plowed here, 1700 snow plows, something like 450 salt spreaders have been out, and it's looking pretty good right now. temperatures have risen slightly above freezing, but they are going to drop again. the snow, we're told, is going to come back and that will make things as difficult as it was this morning in new york when we had true blizzard-like conditions that brought with them as well tragedy. a 36-year-old woman who was loading groceries into a car in a brooklyn supermarket was hit by a mini plow. that woman was pregnant. she died at the scene. her baby boy was born by emergency cesarean section and is still in critical condition.
5:00 pm
>> how horrible. thank you, jonathan. >> and thanks for being with us. good night from washington. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight -- >> we are careening from crisis to crisis instead of having a plan, bringing people to that plan, focusing on common sense solutions. >> but does hillary clinton have any solutions to fixing problems? and how liberal is she anyway? tonight miss laura and carvel will tell us. >> you're out of order. >> you're out of order! the whole trial is out of order. you're out of order. >> megyn kelly on frivolous lawsuits that are hurting all americans. why does this continue? >> is god mad at us right now? i think mother nature is mad at us,


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